The Pacific Network Operators Group

PacNOG was established initially as a mailing list for ISP operations engineers in the Pacific region who participated in the ISP Routing Workshop held prior to the APNIC 18 conference in Nadi, Fiji in August 2004.

PacNOG 33

PacNOG33 was held on Guam from Monday 24th to Friday 28th June 2024. The PacNOG33 Workshops were hosted by the University of Guam.

Future Meetings

The PacNOG Coordination Team is looking for volunteers to host PacNOG 34 in November 2024, as well as PacNOG 35 & PacNOG 36 in 2025. 2024 sees the 20th year of PacNOG helping improve the Internet in the Pacific, and we hope that we can make PacNOG33 a special event for all.

Hosting PacNOG Conferences

The PacNOG Coordination Team welcomes proposals to host future PacNOG conferences around the region. Future events will take place twice per year, in June/July and November. Please use the general enquiry form to contact the Coordination Team.

Past Meetings

Abha Ahuja Bursary Award

Since 2008 the generosity of an anonymous donor and Verisign with the administration of the Internet Society have created and agreed to administer a bursary for persons from developing economies to participate in a regional operators meeting.

The Abha Ahuja Bursary targets individuals from Africa, Asia, and Oceania who are actively involved in Internet development, in any of the following roles:

  • Engineers (Network Builders)
  • Operational and Infrastructure Support Personnel
  • Educators, Teachers, and Trainers

For more information about the Abha Ahuja Bursary Award and about how to apply, please consult the Abha Ahuja Bursary Award website.

Mailing List

The mailing list is targeted at network and operations engineers in the Pacific Region. It is open to everyone from all walks of life around the world who is interested in ISP operations activities in the Pacific Region.

The mailing list was established to provide a forum for the exchange of technical information and the discussion of specific implementation issues that require cooperation among network service providers. To ensure that the list is a useful forum for discussion of relevant technical issues, participants are asked to respect these guidelines. Failure to do so can lead to posting rights being denied.

To subscribe, use the online form.

Note: You must be a subscriber in order to post a message to the mailing list.


PacNOG is open to alls ISPs and Internet related organisations in the Pacific Island region. As such it has no owners, just a small group of dedicated individuals who look after the mailing list and organise the regular meetings. More on the PacNOG organisation.


For more information about PacNOG or contact PacNOG, please complete the general enquiry form.


PacNOG would like to acknowledge and thank APNIC for kindly agreeing to host this website. Thanks are also due to Chaki Kanno of APNIC for designing the PacNOG logo.

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