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Course Title

LINUX Systems, SysAdmin & Management Tools, IP Fundamentals

Core Topics

  • UNIX Systems Administration Essentials
  • System Maintenance and Upgrades
  • IP & DNS Fundamentals for Sysadmins
  • Basic Mail Service (SMTP & Server)
  • System Security
  • Data Integrity & Backups
  • Log Management & Network Management Essentials
  • Virtualization


Give participants a broad overview of systems administration best practices, with an eye towards network management and system security.


  • Track 2: Tuesday, 22nd - 26th November

Expectations & Pre-requisites

Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of Linux/UNIX and the command line, including editing files using a text editor, and how to navigate the tree-based UNIX filesystem hierarchy.

Participants MUST bring a laptop with wireless capability or wired ethernet, and an operating system capable of running an SSH client and a web browser.


Detailed Outline

The detailed Workshop contents page is here.

* System administration essentials

    - Introduction to sysadmin
    - IPv4/IPv6 networking basics (layers, addressing/subnetting,

* System & security upgrades
    - keeping the system up-to-date (security and package updates)

* Setting up an MTA: Postfix
    - Why every system needs a functioning MTA setup (reporting,

* Security essentials
    - system lockdown
        - turning off unused services
        - using netstat/lsof/sockstat
    - detecting changes
    - process accounting
    - crypto basics, SSH

* Log management & centralization
    - syslog, syslog-ng, swatch

* Backup
    - Bacula/BoxBackup/rdiff-backup/rsync

* Network management monitoring: Cacti, Nagios, Smokeping

* Virtualization essentials
    - Different kinds of virtualization (para, os, hw)
    - What does it mean for a sysadmin ?
    - KVM+QEMU, VirtualBox

* Configuration management
    - Introduction to Version Control - SVN
    - A simple solution to keeping track of config files

Workshop Materials

The workshop materials and working configurations for each of the lab exercise will be available at the end of the workshop.

Click on this link to access the workshop materials (28Mbytes).

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