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PacNOG 11: Optional Evening Sessions

Potential Topics

These are some potential evening sessions that could be presented if there is interest during the week:
  • Virtualization Overview
  • Out of Band Access (OoB)
  • DNS Security and Resiliency


  • Virtualization Overview
    • What is virtualization
    • How can it be used
    • Open Source solutions
      • KVM, VirtualBox, Xen
    • Commercial solutions
      • VMWare, Microsoft
    • Setting up a virtual host
    • The cloud

  • Out of Band Access (OoB)
    • What is OoB
    • OoB for servers
    • Types of solutions available
    • Live demo of OoB access

  • DNS Security and Resiliency
    • Theats to DNS
    • Separation of server duties
    • DNSSEC
    • Anycast
    • DNS ACLs and packet filtering
    • Configuration management
    • Log analysis

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