Fifth PacNOG Meeting, Conference and Educational Workshop

Flight Schedules to/from Papeete, French Polynesia

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HA: Hawaiian Airlines
NZ: Air New Zealand
SB: Air Calédonie International (Aircalin)
TN: Air Tahiti Nui

To Papeete

Friday, June 12th

SB600*   09:00-19:30    NOU-PPT (arrives on Thursday)
TN102    14:15-21:15    AKL-PPT (arrives on Thursday)
NZ40     19:30-02:30    AKL-PPT
*Only returns are June 19th or 26th

Saturday, June 13th

HA481    16:05-21:50    HNL-PPT

Sunday, June 14th

NZ40     10:00-17:00    AKL-PPT (arrives on Saturday)
TN102    14:15-21:15    AKL-PPT (arrives on Saturday)

From Papeete

Saturday, June 20th

TN101    06:50-10:50 PPT-AKL (arrives on Sunday)
NZ41     18:15-22:20 PPT-AKL (arrives on Sunday)
HA482    23:45-05:20 PPT-HNL (arrives on Sunday)

Monday, June 22nd

TN101    06:50-10:50 PPT-AKL (arrives on Tuesday)

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