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PacNOG 11 Agenda

1st - 6th July, Nadi, Fiji.


Unless otherwise stated, the daily schedule is:

  • Start: 09:00
  • End: 18:00
  • Morning Break: 10:30 - 11:00
  • Lunch Break: 13:00 - 14:00
  • Afternoon Break: 15:30 - 16:00
DAY 1 - SUNDAY - 1st July 2012
Venue: Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa, Nadi, Fiji.
Introduction to Linux and Network Basics


DAY 2 - MONDAY - 2nd(morning) July 2012
Venue: Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa, Nadi, Fiji.
Conference on Practical Network Topics and Exchanges

08:00-08:30: Registration

08:30: Welcome & Opening Remarks

  • Fred Christopher, PITA
  • Philip Smith, APNIC
  • Phil Regnauld, NSRC
  • Savenaca Vocea, ICANN

09:00-10:30: Network Operators Introductions

  • A session to invite network operators participating to briefly introduce their network and services and discuss significant developments and events with their network.
  • 09:15: Proposed Portable WiMAX network set up in Honiara, Solomon Islands

    09:25: Vodafone Fiji Cloud Computing.

    09:40: Challenges with campus networks.

    • This talk will share the experiences and challenges of Managing, Maintaining, Securing Campus Networks, and deploying Network based Application and Wireless Networks
    • Amit K Prasad, Principle Network Admin, Fiji National University
    • Presentation Slides

    09:55: Broadband Network quality issues and challenges.

    10:05: ITC’s GOVNET network infrastructure.

    • To discuss the Topology and Scope of the GOVNet Fiji by the Information Technology & Computing Services (ITC), and sharing its Challenges, Issues and Enhancements.
    • Ravuama Bainivalu, Network Systems Analyst, ITC
    • Presentation Slides

    10:15: Challenging Country, Challenging Networks.

    • Russell Woruba, Core Network Operations, Jointly with ISP & Mobile Division of Telikom PNG
    • Presentation Slides

10:30: Group Photograph

  • Group Photograph

10:45: Tea Break

11:00-12:30: Presentations on Internet Network Topics

    11:00: APNIC Update on Internet Resources, IPv4/IPv6, Policies.

    • To update the Pacific network operations industry on what is happening with Internet resources. Included are the current statistics on IPv4 and IPv6 address delegations, IPv4 markets and transfers, updates on Internet resource policies, and the recent APNIC news as it affects the local industry.
    • Elly Tawhai, Senior Internet resources Analyst/ Liaison Office Pacific, APNIC
    • Presentation Slides

    11:15: ICANN update

    • To update the forum on recent activities and issues discussed in the ICANN space. Status of new gTLD program and universal acceptance.
    • Savenaca Vocea, Manager Relations Aust/Pacific, ICANN
    • Presentation Slides

    11:30: Improving DNS Security and Resiliency

    • This talk describes some of the main threats to DNS services and discusses best practices in the design and operation of a DNS infrastructure
    • Phil Regnauld, Network Startup Resource Centre
    • Presentation Slides

    12:00: Security Case Study: blacklisted by Google

    • Patrick Queet, PacCERT Manager
    • Presentation Slides - please contact Patrick

    12:15: The Australian network trends & Virtualisation

12:30: Instructors Briefing

  • Track 1 by Philip Smith
  • Track 2 by Phil Regnauld

13:00: Lunch Break

DAY 2 to 6 - MONDAY 2nd (afternoon) to FRIDAY 6th July
Workshop Lab Tracks
Venue: Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa, Nadi, Fiji.
  • Track 1 - IPv4/IPv6 BGP Routing: Philip Smith (APNIC) & Carlos Vicente (NSRC)
  • Track 2 - Network Management and Monitoring : Phil Regnauld (NSRC) & Hervey Allen (NSRC)
Group Photographs
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