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PacNOG 12 Agenda

10th - 14th December, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.


Unless otherwise stated, the daily schedule is:

  • Start: 09:00
  • End: 18:00
  • Morning Break: 10:30 - 11:00
  • Lunch Break: 13:00 - 14:00
  • Afternoon Break: 15:30 - 16:00
DAY 1 - MONDAY - 10th December 2012
Venue: Grand Papua Hotel, Mary Street, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
Conference & Tutorial on Practical Network Topics and Exchanges

08:30-09:00: Registration

09:00-09:45: Welcome Remarks

  • Charles Litau, CEO, Telikom PNG
  • Kumaran Sentheyval, International Training Institute
  • Fred Christopher, PacNOG

09:50: APNIC Update.

10:10: Keynote Address.

  • Mr Sapmanga Apuqahe, Deputy Secretary, Department of Communications & Information Technology

10:20: PITA Update.

  • Fred Christopher, General Manager, Pacific Islands Telecoms Association.

10:30: Presentation & Launch of Internet Security Training Centre.

  • Kumaran Sentheyval, International Training Institute
  • Cecil Goldstein, Team Cymru

10:45: Group Photo followed by Tea Break.

11:35: Telinet case presentation: Collaboration in practice

11:50: The Underground Economy: An overview of the Miscreant Ecosystem and the Asia Pacific Threat Profile

  • Presentation slides not published
  • Cecil Goldstein, Team Cymru

12:40: Case Study by Solomon Telekom/ISP

12:45 Vanuatu e-Government infrastructure, and Internet Exchange

  • Jethro Webston, Vanuatu Government

13:00 PNG University of Technology: Connectivity Challenges

13:10 Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (PacCERT)

13:15: Lunch Break

14:10: PNG eGOV project; IGIS Case study from design to implement

  • Presentation slides not published
  • Winifred Amani, IGIS*Net Project Manager

14:30: A day in the Life of a Bot

  • Presentation slides not published
  • This tutorial will trace the "life-cycle" of a bot (compromised machine), from when it was first infected, (the way it was infected, the malware that was used both to exploit it and turn it into a bot), to how it was then used to carry out malicious activities, and finally, to its identification and detection.
  • Cecil Goldstein, Team Cymru

15:50: Afternoon Break

16:05: Measuring the quality of Real-Time Internet traffic

  • Presentation slides
  • In the Pacific, Internet connectivity is made possible mostly by high latency/low bandwidth satellite links terminating in low bandwidth local networks. This is a problem for VOIP and other real-time protocols as data transferred from high speed networks in NZ, Australia and the US to low bandwidth in the Pacific encounters variations of delay (jitter) which eventually contribute to congested links. This talk will present current methods used to gain insights into the status of jitter in links between New Zealand and countries such as Canada, Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu, Cook Islands and Kiribati. We extend our findings by projecting the entropy of jitter over time. Lastly we discuss how network coded TCP could improve voice and data transmission over congested links.
  • Etuate Cocker, PhD Student, University Of Auckland

16:40: Peering, Transit and IXP Design

  • Presentation Slides
  • The presentation covers the essentials of Peering, Transit, and the functional design elements required for the formation of an Internet Exchange Point. Also covered are the best practices for IXP design and operation.
  • Philip Smith, APNIC

17:20 Instructors Briefing

  • Track 1 by Philip Smith
  • Track 2 by Cecil Goldstein & Champika Wijayatunga

17:35: Acknowledgements and Closing

17:45: Welcome Reception hosted by Telikom PNG

DAY 2 to 5 - TUESDAY 11th to FRIDAY 14th December
Workshop Lab Tracks
Venue: ITI Training Centre, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
  • Track 1 - BGP/IXP Workshop : Philip Smith (APNIC)
  • Track 2 - Internet and Network Security Workshop : Champika Wijayatunga (APNIC) & Cecil Goldstein (Team Cymru)

Wednesday 12th December: 17:00-19:00: Social Reception hosted by ITI and ICIT.

Group Photographs
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