PacNOG: Twenty Third PacNOG Meeting, Conference and Educational Workshop: Agenda

PacNOG 23 Agenda

3rd to 7th December 2018, Majuro, Marshall Islands


Unless otherwise stated, the daily schedule is:

  • Start: 09:00
  • End: 17:30
  • Morning Break: 10:30 - 11:00
  • Lunch Break: 13:00 - 14:00
  • Afternoon Break: 15:30 - 16:00

Conference Plenary

DAY 1 - MONDAY - 3rd December 2018
Venue: MIR

08:30-09:00: Registration

09:00-09:15: Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Master of Ceremony: Mr Eugene Wase, Customer Services Manager, NTA
  • Opening Prayers by: Pastor Rolando Cuasito MSC, Assumption Catholic Church, Majuro
  • Welcome remarks by: Mr Thomas Kijiner Jr, President and CEO, NTA
  • Keynote Address by: Mr Phil Philippo, Secretary, Ministry of Transportation Communication & IT
  • Vote of Thanks by: Mr Fred Christopher, Manager, Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association & PacNOG

09:30: Morning Break

  • Group Photograph
  • Refreshments

10:15: Critical Internet Resource Management and Policies

  • Ms Elly Tawhai, Senior Internet Resource Analyst/Liaison Officer, Pacific; APNIC
  • Abstract: Discuss the ongoing trends and key developments in these areas at APNIC and update to the Pacific Islands Network Operators Group
  • Presentation Slides

An Introduction to Crypto Jacking

  • Mr Warren Finch, Senior Network Analyst / Technical Trainer, APNIC
  • Abstract: An overview of web based crypto miners, what is crypto jacking, and some techniques that can be used to mitigate exposure. The presentation discusses the use of web based crypto miners and how the crypto miners could be used maliciously for crypto jacking. The talk will include an overview of third-party tools and techniques to find and review websites that use web based crypto miners
  • Presentation Slides

RPKI for secure internet routing infrastructure

  • Ms Sheryl Hermoso, Network Operations Engineer, APNIC
  • Abstract: Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is a public key infrastructure framework designed to secure the Internet’s routing infrastructure, specifically the Border Gateway Protocol. RPKI provides a way to connect Internet number resource information (such as IP Addresses) to a trust anchor. This presentation will provide overview and discuss key details of RPKI for routing and security.
  • Presentation Slides

Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) - Update

  • Mr Michael Sawe,j, Vice President & Chief Technical Officer; and Mr Amata T. Kabua II, Systems Administrator.
  • Presentation Slides

Ministry of Health and Medical Service, Kiribati - Update

Tuvalu Telecommunication Corporation - Update

American Samoa Telecommunications Authority, ASTCA - Update

FSM Telecommunications - Update

12:30: Lunch Break

14:00: Tutorial: Basic Principles and Introductions to IP Network Routing

15:00: Tea Break

15:20: Tutorial: Basic Principles and Introductions to Network and Internet Security


  • Welcome Reception, hosted by Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority


DAY 2 to 5 - TUESDAY 4th to FRIDAY 7th December
Venue: MIR
  • Track 1: IP Routing Workshop
  • Instructor: Warren Finch, APNIC
  • Workshop Information
  • Class size: 28
  • Track 2: Network and Internet Security Workshop
  • Instructors: Sheryl Hermoso and Tohid Naslpak, APNIC
  • Workshop Information
  • Class size: 28

PacNOG 23 Photographs
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