PacNOG: Twenty Sixth PacNOG Meeting, Conference and Educational Workshop: Agenda

PacNOG 26 Agenda

30th June to 8th July, Online, Fiji timezone

Conference Plenary

DAY 1 - TUESDAY - 30th June 2020
Venue: Online

11:00: Participants join Video Conference

11:10: Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Mr Save Vocea, Vice President Engagement Oceania, ICANN & PacNOG
  • Dr Philip Smith, Senior Network Engineer, NSRC & PacNOG

11:15: APNIC Information Services for Network Operators

  • Sofia Silva Berenguer, Information Services Product Manager, APNIC
  • Abstract: APNIC has the aim of providing meaningful information services to the communities it serves. In the context of network operations, we want to offer you with tools that will help you make better informed network decisions, solve routing issues and deal with potentially malware infected devices. Our approach is to listen and learn about your most common issues so we can work together to find solutions that meet your needs. This presentation will include an update on two services APNIC offers to network operators: NetOX and DASH:
    • NetOX (Network Operators' toolboX) is a set of tools for network operators to analyse their (and other) networks to solve routing issues and make better informed network decisions.
    • DASH (Dashbaord for Autonomous System Health) is a portal for APNIC users who manage prefixes delegated by APNIC, that offers information about suspicious traffic seen coming from the user's networks.
    The presentation will also include some opportunities for members of the community to have a say on how APNIC develops products and services for them.
  • Presentation Slides

11:40: Supporting Internationalized Email Addresses

  • Champika Wijayatunga, Technical Engagement Manager Asia Pacific, ICANN
  • Abstract: Universal Acceptance (UA) aims for all domain names and email addresses being accepted by all applications and this includes supporting Email Address Internationalization (EAI). This presentation introduces the technical considerations for supporting EAI.
  • Presentation Slides

12:10: Domain Registry & DNS Security: the experience of dot FJ

  • Edwin Sandys & Navneet Maharaj, University of the South Pacific
  • Abstract: The presentation gives a general overview and the latest update about the operation of the .FJ registry.
  • Presentation Slides

12:30: Lunch Break

14:00: Participants join Video Conference

14:05: Welcome Back

14:05: Telecom Fiji: COVID Pandemic Challenges

  • John Cheer, Manager NOC, Telecom Fiji
  • Abstract: The presentation looks at the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Telecom Fiji, the organisational response, challenges, and the innovation required.
  • Presentation Slides

14:30: Vanuatu's Experience & Response to COVID-19

  • Jethro W Tambeana, Network Manager, OGCIO
  • Abstract: The presentation shares Vanuatu's covid-19 experience, how covid-19 impacted the ICT industry and what technical measures were taken to counter the impact.
  • Presentation Slides

14:50: Fiji IP Network Superhighway

  • Navitalai Taka, Manager ISP, Telecom Fiji
  • Abstract: The presentation discusses progress in the roll out of the Fiji IP Network Superhighway, and shares some of the challenges, success, and new opportunities of the project.
  • Presentation Slides

15:15: Network Monitoring: The Foundation of Campus Security

  • Philip Smith, Senior Network Engineer, NSRC
  • Abstract: Securing the Campus Network is a challenging and ongoing activity on today's Internet. This presentation introduces Network Monitoring and Management concepts, process and tools, showing how having effective monitoring and management provides the foundation for campus security.
  • Presentation Slides

15:35: Closing Remarks


DAY 2 and 3 - Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd July
Venue: Online
  • Securing Internet Routing Tutorial
  • Instructors: Tashi Phuntsho (APNIC) and Dave Phelan (APNIC)
  • Class size: 48
  • Tutorial Curriculum
  • Timings: 11:00-12:30 and 14:00-15:30 each day
  • Participation in all 4 sessions is required to complete the course
DAY 4 and 5 - Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th July
Venue: Online
  • DNS Security Tutorial
  • Instructors: Phil Regnauld (NSRC) and Champika Wijayatunga (ICANN)
  • Class size: 28
  • Tutorial Curriculum
  • Timings: 11:00-12:30 and 14:00-15:30 each day
  • Participation in all 4 sessions is required to complete the course

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