PacNOG: Twenty Nineth PacNOG Meeting, Conference and Educational Workshop: Agenda

PacNOG 29 Agenda

30th November to 9th December, Online, Fiji timezone

NB: All times in Fiji Timezone (+12UTC)

DAY 1 - TUESDAY - 30th November 2021

Plenary Conference

Venue: Online

10:30: Video Conference session opens for registered participants

11:00: Welcome and Introduction to PacNOG 29

  • Fred Christopher (PITA General Manager; PacNOG)

11:05: Submarine fibre developments across the Pacific and the benefits to network operators

  • Garret Yoshimi (VPIT and CIO, University of Hawaii)
  • Abstract: Submarine fibre developments across the Pacific and the benefits to (R&E) network operators - the session will examine the accelerated deployment of submarine fibre systems in the Pacific over the past several years, and look at some of the current proposed systems that may add to the capacity over the next few years. In particular, we’ll look at the role that research and education (R&E) operators can fill as anchor tenants of these submarine fibre systems, and the growing fabric of interconnected networks covering the region.
  • Presentation Slides

11:35: Routing Security is more than RPKI

  • Geoff Huston (Chief Scientist, APNIC)
  • Abstract: In recent years there has been much in the way of focus on a secure infrastructure for IP addresses, the RPKI and its use to secure the BGP inter-domain routing protocol. However there is no such thing as a universal single solution to routing security and in this presentation I would like to illustrate the proposition that there is so much more to routing security than just RPKI and route validation, using some recent and not so recent examples to illustrate where RPKI-based mechanisms could’ve help and where they just would not be relevant to the incident
  • Presentation Slides

12:10: Connectivity Developments in Guam

12:20: Fixed Wireless in American Samoa

12:35: Update from Tonga

12:50: Palau National Communication Corporation Internet Network Reviews and update

  • Brenda Tarimel (PNCC)
  • Presentation Slides

13:15: Lunch Break


13:40: Participants rejoin Video Conference

13:45: Wireshark Tutorial

14:45: DNS/DNSSEC: Design, Implementation, and Best Practices

16:40: Closing Remarks

16:45: Close

Technical Training

DAY 2 and 3 - Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd December
Venue: Online
  • Securing Internet Routing with RPKI
  • Instructors: Warren Finch (APNIC) and Terry Sweetser (APNIC Community Trainer)
  • Class size: 40
  • Timings: 10:30-12:30 and 13:30-15:30 each day
  • Course Website
  • Participation in all 4 sessions is required to complete the course
DAY 4 - Friday 3rd December
Venue: Online
  • Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) for Network Operators
  • Kunal Raj (ISOC MANRS Fellow; Telecom Fiji) and Naveen Lakshman (ISOC MANRS Fellow; Graphite Networks)
  • Timings: 13:00-15:30
  • Presentation Slides, MANRS Observatory, and MANRS Lab notes.
DAY 5 and 6 - Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th December
Venue: Online
  • Scalable Network Monitoring and Management Tutorial
  • Instructor: Hervey Allen and Brian Candler (NSRC)
  • Timings: 10:30-12:30 and 13:30-15:30 each day
  • Tutorial Website
  • Participation in all 4 sessions is required to complete the tutorial

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