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PacNOG 7: Pago Pago, American Samoa

Staging of Workshop machines - Room 211 Tradewinds

Ubuntu Server 9.10 installation

Machines are installed, final configuring

Andy Linton teaching during the Intro Linux session

Participants in the Intro to Linux session

Just before the opening sessions of the PacNOG 7 Conference day

Fred Christopher, PITA General Manager, during the PacNOG 7 opening sessions

Today was his birthday!

Preparations for the Track 2 workshop

The "Trusty NOC" that supported Track 2 during PacNOG 7

Getting together where it was quiet and cool

BlueSky preparing for the Opening Social at the Tradewinds hotel

Tradewinds Hotel in American Samoa

The Honorable Governor of American Samoa

BlueSky CEO Adolfo Montenegro

Philip Smith enjoying the Opening Social for PacNOG 7

Daniel Griggs ducks as books are prepared for Track 2

Books donated by O'Reilly and the NSRC for workshop participants

Andy Linton running additional power to the Track 2 workshop